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14 November 2009

Live Paul Simon music

THIS is why I checked Paul Simon's website this morning on the off chance that he MIGHT be touring any time soon.

He's not... but what a show it's gonna be the next time he's within 200 miles of me.

I've decided recently to make sure I see the people I really want to see live when I have the chance... just in case. Bruce was last year, U2 is next summer, Paul Simon is next (hopefully). A couple years ago I wrote about why Paul Simon's music is important to me. It, in a round about way, actually pointed me towards Jesus. (Read it here)

It costs more money than I wish it did to see the artists who are really really good. There is a practical part of me that bucks the amount it costs just to listen to music I can listen to in my living room. But music ADDS something important to life. I remember very vividly MANY times I've experienced the spirit of the moment manifested by music played live and enjoyed by many... and it's enriched my life for a longer period of time than some hundred dollar thing that moths and rust will just take anyway.


Beth Murphy said...

I totally agree. Concerts are insanely expensive, but the really good ones are worth it. We paid way too much to see Paul McCartney in Detroit a couple years ago, and it was worth every cent. Once-in-a-lifetime experience. Same with Peter Gabriel. I'd love to see Paul Simon.

Dave Carrol said...

Yeah I'd put Peter Gabriel on that list too. Agreed. I'll bet it's quite something when the crowd all sings Salisbury Hill.

When U2 came through Toronto this summer and I heard people talk about what it was like being with 70,000 people singing "Where the streets have no name" together... I decided I wouldn't miss that again.

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