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7 November 2009

What a week

What a week this has been. For me personally I lost one (and almost 2) Grandmothers... plugged through a tough week at my day job... we've found ourselves with some very difficult life choices to make... did 5 hours of live broadcasting in the evening... was a part of a week of 24/7 Prayer... and barely saw my family. Ha! But I'll take an interesting and effectual life over a safe and ineffectual one ANY DAY! I wrote this this morning on the Freedom House Blog:

We're almost done another week of 24/7 Prayer, IN the heart of Brantford... FOR the heart of Brantford. Each time we've done one of these weeks, God has led us in a slightly different direction... and He's accomplished different things each time. This time, we've very successfully incorporated our new Freedom House TV Ministry into the prayer for the city. Check this out...

In month.... we've now officially had 1000 visits to Freedomhousetv.com! While that might seem like an abstract figure... living in that number are real people who have been moved by prayer. As we've reflected on the week of 24/7 prayer and the live broadcasts each night, we can identify at least 2 or 3 specific people each night that we know of (who are currently outside of our Freedom House family) that either participated, were touched by, encouraged by, or had new things stirred in them by your constant prayer that has happened this week. And that includes some of the leaders in our city!

Not to mention the fact that as people have been praying in the see-through glass room across from Williams... the large number of people who have come over and inquired about it or asked for prayer. God is so good... and (as we've long suspected) so desirous to share that goodness with many! Remember months ago when we felt like God was telling us that this was "The Era of Everyone"? Well what has happened this week... has TOTALLY displayed that word as alive!

AND... that's not even talking about what God's done in some of us!

AND... that's not even talking about what God's going to release us into next! In the next few months we're going to be Christmas floating... leading carol's in the square... hosting Olympic Athletes... and running our very own WINTER CARNIVAL for the entire city! Friends this is a time of great favor that God is giving us and anyone who wants on this crazy ride will have an important role!

This was a clip of after the broadcast went off the air Tuesday night.

After FHTV went off the air Tuesday night... we worshiped and prayed together a bit

Looking forward to getting TOGETHER in person to worship tomorrow morning.

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