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27 December 2009

I have a rare classic Gibson steel guitar in my basement and I'm not afraid to use it

I love the sound of steel guitars. They really are one of my favorite instruments. Turns out that I have 1960ish (hoping to hear from Gibson) Skylark Gibson Lap Steel Guitar EH-500 with it's original case and amp in my basement.

I knew it was there... it was my Dads. Years ago when he was playing and teaching guitar, his parents went out on a limb and dropped a couple hundred dollars (which would have been a BIG deal at the time) on this odd lookin' beauty.

Was scooting around the internet and it looks like it's worth about a thousand dollars and I don't know how to play a guitar! So I'm toying with selling it. I suppose Ebay or Kijiji is the place... but man... it's pretty darn cool. I'm open to offers or suggestions :)

Guitars really seem mean SOMETHING to people. I have to admit that I'm not one of those people. I've never had the love for instruments that others do. After my last recorder class in the 8th Grade, I actually broke it in 2.

But watching my son get his first real guitar for Christmas the other day (a 3/4 size Ibanez) was very very cool.

Quite literally since his first birthday, I've watched Jared communicate with guitars. I wish that I didn't have to say that I don't entirely GET it firsthand... but I don't. But I DO get it secondhand. I've seen so many people pray, prophesy, communicate, express... and make the sweetest of the "new songs" with guitars that I really do appreciate the artistry of the instrument.

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