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3 December 2009

Thursday Night at Home

Tonight after work, I'll pick up my son's first real guitar that we're giddy about giving him for Christmas. After the kids eat, I'll wrestle with Jared, snuggle with Aislin, talk about how pretty the Christmas tree is with Brianna, and flirt a little too much with the girl who has loved me since high school. Then I'll make this amazing Cajun Shrimp Pasta. It's super spicy with extra Tabasco (that's the secret).

After the kids go to bed, we'll sit on the living room floor, eat it quickly like it's going out of style, and talk about how much we like spicy food. We'll lounge on the couch and watch the only four actually funny shows on TV today. We're very happy for Jim and Pam. When 30 Rock finishes, in half a doze, we'll talk about how cool it is that we're about to buy a house that is already our home. We'll admit to each other that world is colder than we wish it was and pull each other closer.

Then we'll thank God... because He's worthy of it.

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