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24 December 2009

Unite Canada... 24/7, 365, 2010

2010 is going to be a fantastic year for Canada. The eyes of the world are about to turn and look squarely at our nation. And it's our prayer that God does the same. Earlier this year, the leaders of the major prayer movements from across Canada got together to listen to what God had to say to our nation. And what came out of it was the call to pray... without ceasing... in Canada... FOR Canada. And so "Unite Canada 24/7 365 2010" is about to launch, spearheaded by my newly engaged friend Daria. This is from her most recent blog:

"Our hope and dream is to unite Canada in prayer right across the nation, including all generations, denominations, cultures, cities and ministries. Different denominations have completed a year of prayer for their nation (the Salvation Army have in prayed non-stop in many nations) and Canadian cities have united in prayer (7 churches in Regina for 40 days, 32 churches in Victoria for 52 days of non-stop prayer)... But we want to go beyond and unite ministries in every city to PRAY like never before, 24-7-365!"

January 8th a church close to Winnipeg will be praying. From January 10-17-, a church in Montreal will be praying... January 15-22- a church in Calgary will be praying but if you would like to be a part of what God's calling our country to... check out 24-7prayer.ca. It's going to be the web-hub... or email Daria at canada@24-7prayer.com.

Merry Christmas from me and my family. Thanks for hanging in blog world with me this year. Believing that 2010 is gonna be bigger and better than 2009 in many many ways.

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