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12 January 2010

Is Baseball sustainable in Toronto?

I was either going to blog about sex with robots or baseball today. And I just had a great baseball chat with a friend... so baseball won. Here's the chat we just had. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Sex with robots... coming soon.

J: Is baseball sustainable in Toronto?

Dave: Totally. It's a major market. I don't know how it can't be.

J: What level of success is required?

Dave: At least competitive

J: B
ut are you trying to create demand for something that people don't want?
ie...hockey in warm climates?

Dave: A winner still draw 40,000. That's double any Leaf game.

J: It's way more affordable than the Leafs

Dave: I think the fact that for the big games, it still fills the Dome tells me that if there were meaningful ballgames, it would work.

J: That makes sense.

Dave: Beginning of last year, there was serious buzz that WOULD translate into crowds over a season.

You're right...the buzz was great... but did it translate into crowds in April/May?

Dave: No... not right away but over a season I think it would have. The reality is that our generation (mid 30's) who grew up loving baseball in the 80's are the demographic with the money/power/influence now... theoretically.

BUT...the kids aren't excited about it and its the kids that you take to the game and that drive things long term. They have lost a generation.

Dave: Hockey is facing the same issues though. I don't think it's just baseball.

yes...great article in The Toronto Star about it yesterday. (Leafs losing young fans to video games)

Dave: The Leafs may be the only team that gets away with being crappy and still succeeding but there are many many sports fans in and around Toronto. More than enough to make a good franchise successful. But there has been a decade of JP Richardi's mismanagement and everyone in baseball knows it

J: There was an interesting article a few months ago on ESPN about how corporate seats were such a huge thing for a while...but now, companies can't justify doing it and the new Yankee stadium was built around that...but no one is buying them.

Dave: Sucks for them... ha!

J: You've gotta keep the game with the masses

Dave: Especially in baseball because there are just so many games and so many tickets to be sold.

Stiffs like you and me that can't afford to go to a ton of games... but make a pilgrimage once or twice

Dave: Once ESPN releases 3DTV next year, we'll stay home :)

Still something about the smell of a ballpark. That you can't simulate unless they get smell-o-vision.

Dave: Like the Jetsons. I love the ballpark too. No one can change the channel at the ballpark. There won't be any celebrities dancing at the ballpark.

So what do you think? As the Blue Jays enter a (hopefully) legitimate rebuilding process... is baseball sustainable in Toronto?


Cody said...

I hope it's sustainable. Who else would I root for in AL East? I really don't want to pull for the Rays.
Maybe the Jays org. should deem themselves the "Yankee Killers" to draw the young, violent, video game crowd.

Dave Carrol said...

It could be a mid-inning event. People get controllers and play "Yankee Killer" up on the big JumboTron.

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