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4 February 2010

The good life

This is a lonely life
Sorrows everywhere you turn
And that’s worth something
When you think about it
That’s worth some money.
Paul Simon

The "good" life is the "Godly" life.
The "Godly" life demands death.
Death that brings life.
God didn't like what was happening in the world either.
But He loved it so much that He gave His only Son.
So that we who deserve death... could live.

Living that out that is hard.
It hurts.
It's lonely.
It often feels life-sucking instead of life-giving... and life-getting.
RIGHTFULLY caring enough to sacrifice SHOULD be worth money.
If that mattered.
Instead it comes with shallow buried hope, a shovel and a kind word...
all that we need to find it;
and property in The Kingdom.

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