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8 February 2010

Saturday Night Lingering

I spent the weekend in middle the first "Great White North" scene I've seen with my eyes this winter as the guest speaker on a youth retreat. It's the second year in a row that this group has brought me along as a visiting voice in their group. It's an honor having the chance to be an encourager to moldable teenagers, but almost more so, I love encouraging Pastors who give so much of themselves. Guests are just that. Pastors stay.

My favorite moment of the weekend came on Saturday Night at about 11pm. We had finished our evening session where God had moved very tangibly. Earlier in the night, one after another, students had stood in front of their peers and prophesied about who God was in their group. The spontaneity and exposition of their exchanges testified to the goodness of a good good God. As one finished talking... cheering and clapping erupted and they scrambled to be the next to get in on what God was doing. It was real and powerful.

By 11pm the loud music of the event had faded. A shaggy teen-leader was working out his salvation on an acoustic guitar quietly as I reclined my tired mind back on the only mildly comfortable stacking chair just to linger in the moment... to think about what my beautiful wife would be doing at home... and listen. What I heard was the beautiful sounds of pastoring.

I heard the sound of a pastor... talking with genuine love to individual kids. He intentionally looked each one in the eye, and with an emanating warmth in his voice that can only come from an anointed servant, he built them up and guided them towards the green pastures that teenage eyes often miss... in hopes that they'd stop, breathe and eat.

Pastors are shepherds. They are the "One who herds, guards, and tends". They aren't as burdened by the conquering of the countryside as they are with their charge of making sure all the sheep make it to their destination. But the wonderful thing about shepherds, is that they wield power in their sincerity. God knew that in David's righteous desire to serve his people/family... he'd have the courage to stand, throw rocks at, and slay a giant in the name of his Lord.

Saturday night at 11pm there was an intoxicating spirit lingering in that room, decorated by moose antlers and bear heads. The spirit of God resides in God's people living out God's heart.

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