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18 March 2010

The NEW New Testament?

"So the disciples warned the people to keep their gatherings small, private and in homes... or sometimes coffee shops. Friends and those with common hobbies only. When the head of the group says something you disagree with, it's a great opportunity to hedge your bets and split your time between groups depending on what fits YOUR schedule. Or take up a new hobby, take a walk in the sun God made... or sleep in Sunday and skip it altogether. You're tired. You deserve it. Other people will pick up your slack.

This makes it tough to tithe... but that's Old Testament anyway. Relax... it's not as important as being nice. The New Testament is about you and YOUR choices. Just be good with your own money and YOU decide where it should go. They'd just blow your money on salaries and buildings. Remember that YOU are the church and you don't have to jump through the hoops the caretakers of those "buildings" say you have to. You don't need to pay a "man" to tell you how to spend your weeknights, council you, care for you... or guide you. Just pay a life coach or watch someone else online. God will provide bread for their family or drop manna from the sky. You can pray just has effectively in your own bedroom. No need to join your voices together... other people would just cramp your style.

The best way to honor those who are being persecuted and abused is through jaded, solitary misery. If they had the choice to worship together in prosperity... they'd choose jaded, solitary misery too. Beware of "preachers" in stadiums with nice hair, big smiles, or a positive attitude. Nobody could be that happy. Hypocrites. Berate them publicly as often as possible. Christianity is hard... show it on your face."

Oh wait...

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