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11 April 2010

Announcing: I AM a public figure

When someone runs for a political office, they often talk about entering "public life" saying that they are now a "public figure." I do understand since their income then comes from being a "public servant" (A service performed for the benefit of the public). The thought of becoming a public figure has and currently does intrigue me. Sooner or later, I'll likely do it. Or maybe I already am one.

I'm not sure that we're not ALL already public figures anyway. I think we all already have more responsibility and public accountability to one another than we choose to realize.

Have you ever been behind the mayor at the grocery store when he's buying milk? It's a much different experience for him than most because he's chosen to function in the public realm. Instead of being able to throw on a dirty hoody and slip in and out with his 1% without being noticed... the mayor has to always be "on". People in the cereal aisle will stop him to complain about potholes on their street. People in line will invite him to their bowling night. People in the parking lot will stop him to criticize his viewpoint on how to control the cougar population. It's an entirely different experience than for most of us because he represents something publicly, is in a position of influence, and people know that they actually MIGHT be able to see change happen through him if they get his ear.

Have you ever stopped to consider that you actually might already be a "public figure"? That your public actions already do effect others? That you already do have a responsibility to see others benefit through you? That, as a Christian, you do already represent the most important man and message that there ever has been? Have you ever considered that you are CALLED to be a public figure because you are an official ambassador of Christ.

As I was buying beef jerky yesterday, I thought about how my experience at Price Chopper would be different if I was running for public office. Would I make the same jokes? Would I have to budget more time instead of hurrying out to the van? Would I dress the same? Would I be more ready with an answer to any question if I was called upon? Would my eyes be looking deeper about how to make a more effective positive change at all times?

The answer is that I WOULD be more ready to make change and have an impact because I would know I could... people needed me to... and because it would cost me personally if I didn't. It's the cost of the call. Well as a Christian, our calling is a HIGH calling. We have the ministry of reconciliation between God and Man as Christ's Ambassador:

"God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting men's sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ's ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us. We implore you on Christ's behalf: Be reconciled to God."
2 Cor 5:19-20

The word ambassador means:

"A diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative"

This is the charge of a public figure. One that comes with great responsibility to benefit a cause greater than ourselves. Our job is to be visible and to have an impact reconciling (To reestablish a close relationship between) man/our communities... to God/ good.

Today... again... I am reminding myself (and you) that we're never "off". We ARE public figures and have a responsibility to God and others to play our part excellently... changing things BY good INTO good.

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