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27 April 2010

The day you start bringing "throwin' eggs" to the office... is a bad day

"Chaos erupts as smoke bombs and eggs are thrown and fighting breaks as Ukraine's parliament ratified a bitterly controversial deal with Russia extending the lease of a key naval base. The deal signed last week by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yanukovych had been slammed by the pro-Western Ukrainian opposition as a historic surrender of sovereignty. Deputies also started fighting over a massive Ukrainian flag in the middle of the chamber, twisting and distorting the yellow and blue banner as smoke continued to billow in the chamber. AP/April 27, 2010

You know it's a bad day when you're walking out of the house on your way to parliament and you decide to fill your pockets with "throwin' eggs"

Mrs Ukrainian Parliamentarian: "Honey... are... are those my eggs in your pocket???? Don't you dare throw those eggs in parliament today. Those are for my cake... NOT for Yanukovych's jacket. "

I also love that there were "Just in case egging umbrellas" already on hand for this type of egging situation. Is this a typical Ukraine reaction? Eggs?

How does this happen? My opinion... is that is outside North America, politics means a whole lot more to the surface, basic human needs in lives than ours does... so people care more. In Africa, friends gave me the analogy that there, politicians are the difference between food and no food. Here... it's about variable tax rates. It's the same reason near 100% of honest humans will admit that they'd steal to feed their hungry kids.

That might explain today's egging... or maybe they're just dumb. I'm not sure if the Ukraine gets a mulligan on this one... but war is not that far removed from the country so it's CLEARLY a very sensitive issue. As expressing in "egging" form today.

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