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17 April 2010

OF COURSE the Americans are going to Mars

Let me just say... this is stupid. From the AP:

"Going to an asteroid could provide vital training for an eventual mission to Mars. It might help unlock the secrets of how our solar system formed. And it could give mankind the know-how to do something that has been accomplished only in the movies by a few square-jawed, squinty-eyed heroes: saving the Earth from a collision with a killer asteroid.

"You could be saving humankind. That's worthy, isn't it?" said Bill Nye, TV's Science Guy and vice president of the Planetary Society."

Yep... Bill Nye the science guy knows best. I think they are secretly hoping for the end of the horrid "Mission to Mars" where Gary Sinise holds hand with Martians lovingly and states, "They are us. We are them". Dang. Tears.

This is stupid because:

A) This is REALLY REALLY expensive... and putting a Mars trip on Visa even seemed stupid to Lance Bass. Fighting health care but embracing Mars, might be ill-advised.

B) Fox tells me that whole moon landing thing was fake in the first place. Their feet were over the crop marks. Hmmm... Are the area 51 folks just getting itchy to be even half-relevant again?

C) Instead of Marching to Mars (Sammy Hagar reference) to discover how the solar system was formed (for whatever purpose)... maybe just sit back and be in awe of the heavens that GOD created, trust that it's awesome, and revel in it's awesomeness.

D) Instead of worrying about how non-recycled cans, comets, cars and nukes are bringing about the end of the earth and tying to save us by going to Mars where we can't do a little something called breathing... maybe we should just get that there WILL be an end. It's in the plan. We're designed in the image of God to bring life to the EARTH God gave uniquely to us to have dominion over. And.................... we can't save ourselves. That's Jesus job. He didn't mention the great Mars escape. We're here until He takes us.

One thing they are right about. There is a need for a new Utopian society. And it's already waiting for us. Save the Mars money. Give your life away.


Robert said...


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