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5 April 2010

Of what consequence are rings and fingers?

I broke my finger Saturday afternoon. I broke it playing basketball with a great group of teenagers and leaders during the middle of a youth conference where MANY were radically touched by a BIG BIG powerful God. It moved me and enriched my spiritual life greatly.

Of what consequence are rings and fingers?

On Saturday night, this group of teenagers gathered around me to pray for my finger. I got to use my gnarled swollen purple finger (that my wedding ring became lodged on) as a tool to walk them through how to pray for healing. We prayed for the swelling to stop and the pain to go away. And it did... for a couple hours.

Of what consequence are rings and fingers?

Today I got to be the 1st ever patient at a brand new medical center in Brantford. I wanted to get to work, so I got there so early that I beat the nurses. I high-fived them as they came through their new doors and let them all know how much I appreciated their hard work and service to our community. As the regular parade of frowns and complaints took their numbers, the nurses took my picture and promised to develop it and put it up on the wall to remember their 1st patient. I sat and prayed blessing over them. It was a completely wonderful and God-designed morning.

Of what consequence of are rings and fingers?

Rings and fingers are sacred in some ways but of stunningly little value in others. What you really have, is elementary skin and metal. Common creations without souls or spirits. And that's it... UNLESS you activate their sacred qualities by allowing them to be on the long list of common creations that God wants to USE to change things of MUCH consequence when they are released to Him. Putting the well-being of any earth-bit before that of a soul or spirit is folly.

Of what consequence of are rings and fingers?

This is what I wrote on Facebook Easter Sunday morning:

I have much to be thankful for today. I have a beautiful 3 year old Brianna Belle today. A living risen God. A church that will release a group of fired up teenagers to make a powerful weekend come alive at home too. Easter means life through Christ.

Rings and fingers are inconsequential.

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Patti said...

Spike's ring took the brunt of the force when he got his finger wedged between two massive guitar amps - broke the ring, saved the finger. That was years ago.

We tried replacing the ring once, but it never did fit right.

Rings aren't nearly as important as a life well-lived together. :)

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