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16 April 2010

What can people with vision and guts do in a city?

I wrote this piece today for Freedomhouse.ca about the Grand Opening of our new Freedom Gate Apartments. I wanted to share it with you Big Ear peeps too. I'm so blessed to help lead a group of people who not only TALK about how to transform a city in many aspects... but have the guts to do it.


After a roughly 4 year process, the public was welcomed through the brand new Freedom Gate Apartments on April 15th. There is so much to say, and so many people to thank.

You can check out a wonderful video piece the Brantford Expositor did where Brian lays out the vision for Freedom Gate here. Here's a piece of what Susan Gamble wrote about it (full story here):

Church answers housing need

A heavenly building project designed to do a lot of earthly good opened to the public Thursday for tours. Final touches are being made to Freedom Gate Apartments -- formerly Freedom House Church -- as it gets ready to lease out 15 new affordable housing apartments. "We wanted to be a church that wasn't all about what goes on in the church building," says lead pastor Brian Beattie.

"We wanted to do something that affected the community in a positive way and one of the big needs in Brantford is affordable housing."

Adding the developer (GK York), Nova Vita and Canadian Mental Health to a proposal that landed it about $750,000 in government grants.

The $1.5-million Freedom Gate project includes an extension at the back of the building that created an additional eight units, including one designed for a resident in a wheelchair. It also includes a two-level community room where tenants can host parties.

"A couple of our members want to live here and help us have a stake in the community," said Beattie.

The church plans to hold socials, conduct Bible studies and get back to hosting its Friday night barbecues from the common room.

"This is a great meeting area and a great place for people to see the love of God in a practical way," said Beattie.

You can also read about it in the Brant News here. Many from the city came through including our former mayor and current mayoral candidate Chris Friel who wrote this on Facebook today...

Recently someone asked me if Freedom House was a church or a community organization. The answer... is YES! The deal is this. In the "about us" statement on Freedomhouse.ca we say that,

"Freedom House exists to ensure that everyone God sends our way lives in Freedom. Freedom from the past and Freedom to walk in the destiny He has for your present and future. A church... yes. But Freedom House is more than that. We're a Ministry Center, where every member has a uniquely destined role in seeing Brantford become a prosperous, thriving, FREE city."

Freedom Gate apartments are just one more way to change a city BY good INTO good. It's physical and spiritual. It launches people with a heart for that street into full time, live in ministry and we hope instigates a culture change in many!
And it's all done with intentional community service and an attitude of kindness.

To rent one of the units (more pictures on our Facebook Page), contact our partner GK York online here or call Josie 519-756-5385 x228.

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Sarah@EmergingMummy said...

Dave, can I just say it? THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You guys are so inspiring. I love that there are churches in the world like Freedom House. You are not all talk - you guys put your money where your mouth is at. I can't tell you how much I love and appreciate this. Thank you from all across Canada.

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