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12 May 2010

How much influence should "those" Christians have in Ottawa? (More tonight 9pm live on freedomhousetv.com)

Last night on CBC National, Wendy Mesley did a story about the growing influence of the Canadian Christian Right in Ottawa. She interviewed Marci Macdonald about her new book called "The Armageddon Factor... drawing back the curtain on the mysterious world of the right-wing Christian nationalist movement in Canada"

I'll bet you had no idea what an intimidating bunch we are! Check it out.

I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep nights knowing that there are... (gasp)... CHRISTIANS committed to loving their neighbor as themselves mingling with politicians! But this is far from an isolated story. And that's because it's a growing fact. Evangelical Christians quite simply ARE having a greater impact on Canada than ever before and people are starting to take notice.

In yesterday's National Post, Don Martin wrote a similar story noting that...

If this budding culture war flattens the Liberals in the next election, perhaps her book is a glimpse at the operating manual of a majority Conservative government.


Jeff said...

This is always a touchy subject. I agree with you that the video seemed a bit fear-mongering. I suspect it was to get higher ratings. I don't see any problem with Christians (or Muslims, or Jews, or atheists, or whoever else) trying to influence government. That's the point of democracy. However, as the video pointed out, there are those who want to change the structure of government itself, to be a "Christian nation" or to explicitly blot out divergent viewpoints. And that is frightening, even if the true number of people who want to do that is small.

All I can say is that government needs to stay out of the business of religion. It's in the best interest of both government and religion for that to happen. Beyond that, groups should be free to influence government as long as they keep in mind that government has the responsibility to take a look at what these people want and ask, "Are there good reasons to do it?" Tolerance for differing viewpoints as well as reasonable discourse are key to any properly functioning country.

My two cents. Cheers!


Patrick Ross said...

I think the JETSOLVER comment has to go both ways, though. If you want Christians and other religious believers to keep quiet about their "BFF in the sky", such people are also obligated to keep quiet about the religious beliefs of others.

As it pertains to Marci McDonald, her work is riddled with factual and interpretational errors.

It's becoming clear that her book is a fairly poor piece of scholarship.

Dave Carrol said...

Patrick thanks for reading!

I think you're right about the bias nature of the book.

A couple years ago, I was interviewed by Karen Pinker who was doing a doc on Global News with Kevin Newman called "Hip 2 by Holy" about the new generation of young Christians in question. I asked her what her thoughts were about this book.

here's what she said: (and she hasn't read the whole book yet so she qualifies the comments by that)

"the interview which I heard on radio felt very conspiracy minded, as if Marci McDonald operates from the idea that there is some insidious secret movement. In fact, my sense is that socially conservative Christians aren't at all secretive about their aims,hopes, etc. And I do think that the Canadian evangelical movement is much more diverse and less attracted to the fringe elements than she makes it sound. I also think that (you guys!) are less interested in political power as a whole, and way more interested in influencing Canadians thought through outreach. I may disagree with your beliefs, but I defend your right to express them."

Patrick Ross said...

Precisely. And this is the death blow for McDonald's argument.

When one looks into what Evangelical Christians actually want, it isn't dominion over the Canadian government. They want specific policy points, related to abortion, social policy, and specific cultural programs.

If Evangelical Christians have no hidden agenda to hide, Marci McDonald has no clear and present danger to sound alarms about.

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