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2 May 2010

Jared's Blues... the studio recording

I went over to I AM Studios last night to do Voiceover session with them... and we wound up getting my son Jared into the studio to record and produce his blues song he wrote. He sings and plays the lead guitar on this track. Check it out.

When he actually JUMPED in the air on the way out because of his "First CD", I had a hunch he enjoyed the process. He says his future band will be called "Overdrive".

I love bringing my son with me to see and do cool stuff when I get the chance. My Dad was an elementary school teacher and I remember when he'd give us full, free run of the gym... or when we got to school the older kids at outdoors classes on camping trips we came along to, because we had sat through 4 sessions about how to start fires already. They are special memories and mean something to a boy.

It also helps that Jared rocks.


D J Futers said...

Very cool!

The Bean Bag Chair said...

LOVE IT!!! What an awesome kid...he definitely rocks!

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