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11 May 2010

The letter Q must have good PR people

How did the letter Q find it's way so far up in the alphabet? I mean, how did the letter Q find itself before R, S, and T in the alphabet?? Those are Wheel of Fortune gimme letters. Half of the big 6 and Q comes before it? Come on. Aren't you always a bit surprised when you're leafing through your rolodex and you find Q in it's current location? It should be down with the other high Scrabble-point loser letters like V, W, X, Y and Z. In fact Q is 2nd last in usage! BELOW everything but Z. And Z has the cool factor going for it.

You stink Q. Always have. Let's take it down.

One thing Q does have going for it is that it's round. That's something. Putting it near O and P keeps some symmetry. Maybe it's like putting a power hitter with low average in the 6-hole. REALLY low average. The fact remains that R, S, and T are your regulars and over-valuing Q is risky. Folly even. T is the most commonly used consonant and NO LETTER begins more words than T. Cito Gaston knows that you HAVE TO stick with the regular veterans.

I think A gets too much credit too. It's the first... represents the best... but E really is your big hitter. It's quite simply the most used letter. Period. You can't do jack without E. In letter-based-games, you often will find a smug rebel choosing A over E. That player, is a loser. Sorry, that was rude. That player WILL lose the game. Numbers don't lie.

Y has a lot of marbles to think that it can be both consonant and vowel. While handy at times, I can't image that it leaves itself in a very popular position among other letters.

"Who are YOU man?"
G and I about Y

My letter D is in an awkward and unenviable position. D doesn't make the highly publicized ABC trio. THEY are on all the posters. THEY have songs written about them. THEY are the first ones that are learned. When you get to D... it's gettin' down to business. It's work now. And then to be followed by E (the cleanup hitter)... D can get lost.

I'm fond of D. Daves everywhere are. These are the Daves I know.

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