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22 May 2010

Why Mike on a Bike is one of the most popular people in town

I was in Harmony Square last night to help run an outreach concert event featuring a Christian Hippity Hopper. There were numbers of churches represented making up a couple hundred teenagers. Before the show, we got the different churches to scream when they heard their names (it's a real crowd-pleaser). But the biggest cheer of the introductions were when we acknowledged presence of local celebrity "Mike on a Bike". By the end of the night... he was on stage singing and dancing. That's Mikey.

If you're from Brantford... you know him. If you're not... he's a slightly developmentally delayed guy named Mike who rides a bike. Everywhere. Always. With a Mike Foligno esc white helmet.

The deal is this. When you see him, you say, "Hey Mikey!" And he'll stop and smile. He'll wave or come over to you if he can and say, "Hi how ya been?" as if you're the closest of friends. Anybody... anywhere... every time. Major events... he's there. Minor events... he's there. There are stories that sometimes he'll even invite himself into private backyard BBQ's with only a handshake, a big smile and a "How ya been?" as a ticket. That's Mike on a Bike.

He has 1,354 Fans on Facebook here. His old group has 780 members. As I watched him do his thing last night... it struck me that Mike somehow become one of the most known, loved, popular and access-given people in town. How?

I think it's because he does that one that is genuine to "him". Dude rides a bike. He does it bold, proud and public. He's also genuine to "him" in who he is. He is Mike and Mike is nice. Kind. Smiley, and he does it publicly. Mike takes the initiative to go up to people and make them feel good. Almost everyone has a Mike on a Bike story and are always ready to share it... because they remember it... because he's somehow made a lasting impact. And he's done it just be being boldly himself and mixing it up with "strangers".

Lessons? Do your thing. Boldly, publicly, proudly... and make others feel good with that thing.

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