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8 June 2010


Truth is not subjective.
A perception that creates ones reality, while a convincing illusion, is still an illusion.
Truth humbly presides over illusion.
It WAS and IS and IS to come.

Effective communication of truth does not make the truth any truer.
The medium is not the message.
It never was.
That's a carnival game barked by the medium-makers hoping we rubes would buy it... and we did.
Any prizes won at that ring toss were poorly made and had come apart at the seems by the time the carnival came to town again.
Truth remains undisturbed by trends, waves and disposable mediums.

The truth doesn't NEED two to be truth.
Heck... it doesn't even need one.
But a truth unshared, while no less true, is untapped.
Truth is a living thing... not a slab of granite.
When truth is shared, the motive for the creation of that truth in the first place is revealed.
It's love.
Big, sloppy, warm, uncliched love.

Tangible, electric, fiery truth... realized and actualized between souls manifests the larger purpose of truth.
It's the exponent on a whole number.

The truth is... that the sum is greater than the parts.
The truth is... that we're a part of the truth... but we're not THE truth.
The truth is... that we understand only in part.
The truth is... that it's all far bigger than we can handle...

... but even sharing in a sliver of it is worth it. And it's worth sharing anyway we can.

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