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11 June 2010

The worst things about being a Christian

Well let's see. We have Biblical promises and precedents that say we will:

* Be hypocritical, doing the things we desperately hate the most to the point of being the worst of sinners ourselves
* Be required to walk the hard unpopular road
* Be dealing with FRIENDS that WILL

  • betray us,
  • put us to death,
  • abandon us when we're poor,
  • avoid us like the plague,
  • ridicule us,
  • cross the street to avoid us,
  • want to blot us from their memory,
  • forget us like a corpse in a grave,
  • discard us like broken dishes in the trash,
  • gossip about us calling us "criminally insane",
  • behind locked doors they will plot how to ruin us good.

... and that's our friends.
OK what else?

* People who we love will slander us... and we'll be asked to love them back.
* God may make us blind, sick, covered in boils or afflict us in creative ways for His purposes.
* Our churches often have fighting in them over stupid things
* Our relationships will include MANY misunderstandings and infighting a plenty.
* If we get hit by someone we have to offer them other side to hit too.

... so not just a beating but a DOUBLE BEATING!

* How does a physical and metaphorical thorn in your flesh sound?
* We'll be asked to not worry about the biggest worries our age has ever seen including wars, revolutions, disease, hunger and natural disasters.
* We're not allowed to care to much about stuff like buildings, houses, or even how we're going to feed and clothe our families.
* We'll be persecuted... even hauled out of churches to stand trial before high ranking government officials, maybe be jailed... and maybe even be killed for believing in Jesus

Oh wait there's more...

* Your parents and family may hate you and reject you... they themselves might be the ones who kill you
* You'll likely struggle not to go nuts because of what you're being asked to endure because it will be excruciatingly emotionally and physically demanding.
* God will use you to make arguments that everyone will think are foolish... intentionally.
* There is a supernatural being who will never relent in trying to steal from you, destroy you and kill you. It will use other people... or it will used YOU against YOURSELF... or sometime do it itself

Fun eh?
But it just doesn't matter.

It just doesn't matter.
It just doesn't matter.

This stuff will happen. Expect it. It's OK. It just doesn't matter. It's all part of the package because this world is broken and we live here for a little while. But believe it or not, it's a beautiful world that God's using you (through this stuff) to woo it back to Him.

The difference is this. The God who created the entire world, is in love with you and this Era is a drop in the bucket of time. And frankly it's not half as bad as it sounds because:

1) Well you fall in love with Jesus... his presence makes EVERYTHING melt away during that intimacy, giving you hope. Because it's a reminder that one day we won't be separated anymore and the tears ago away for good.

2) We're called to model Jesus ability to overcome these things. Other people, who don't have the benefit of a personal relationship with God, go through some of the same issue. They need you to help them through.

Christ experienced them all too. Worse actually because He not only took His pain... he took yours too... and that causes us to worship and make the worst parts of being a Christian seem pretty inconsequential. More than that actually. They are actually Good because it brings us closer to the sound of this AMAZING love.

"...we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom he has given us."
Romans 5: 3-5

So guess what? It just doesn't matter.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Dave.
Luv U,

Susan said...

This is so true. Thanks for the reminder.

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