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24 June 2010

Your small (or large) business marketing could take GIANT leaps forward today...

... with just A LITTLE cultural & communication analysis and a night of thought.

One thing I have learned in life (both advertising-wise and not) is that what you're doing had better accomplish at least 2 or 3 purposes or you're likely wasting your time. If it's a singularly focused action... you'd be better served to stop and think it through further because there is likely a way to save time and money and do 3 things at the same time more effectively.

For example... I just got my hair cut at First Choice Hair Cutters. I don't know the inner workings of their corporate structure, but from what I know of them... I like them. They have sleek chains, they market sharply, they are inexpensive, and you know what you're getting. I'm a regular for these reasons.

I went and got a haircut at First Choice today. The young girl (who I'd never seen before) sat me down in the chair. In the old days, someone named Vince who had been your barber for 25 years knew what you wanted... no need to ask. But that doesn't happen today. So for the 678th time in my life, a generic girl asked me what level I wanted the buzzer set at and what I wanted done. I AGAIN had no idea, because who keeps that bit of info squirled in the memory banks? There's only room for so much eh! So we winged it... as always.

I watched as the same process happened with 2 other clueless men and their young girl. So I thought about this:

What if each station had a digital camera or smart phone, and at the end of a successful haircut, they took a picture and emailed it to the client (including pertinent information like the name of the cut and the buzzer number) so next time, he could say... "Give me this". It's a man's dream. Getting what THEY want without having to verbalize it.

First Choice would get another email address for marketing purposes, the customer vocalizes his pleasure with the company and could even be encouraged to upload the picture to FC's Facebook site for a coupon of some description... exposing the good haircut to all his contacts. 1 dollar off for a simple upload... 2$ if you share it with 10 friends. That makes the consumer take an action step (that doubly benefits him) towards a company that, while they are inexpensive and efficient... likley struggles to achieve the personal connection that kept humans going to their same barber for a lifetime in the past.

The social media communication revolution has opened EASY, inexpensive doors for companies (of any size) to create interactive possibilities. It's not just as easy as HAVING a Facebook site though. You have to create a reason for consumers to interact WITH YOU. And it's simply not that hard to do... and it can do 3 different things at once... if you take some time to really think.

I emailed First Choice my idea... not because they don't think like this... because I think they do and it could really spur new areas of business.

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