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28 July 2010

Quote Chris Bosh: "You stink Toronto"

At first I didn't know if Chris Bosh would get booed when he came back. But then...

"I didn't want to go there. It was different. It was a whole different country, and it was just different. Toronto's a great place, a fantastic city. It's a metropolitan area, but you could tell you're somewhere different. You could feel it, you could look at it, you can smell it. Everything. All your senses tell you you're somewhere different."

Yeah well... you stink too.



HasTheVoice.com said...

On Sunday I listed my five favorite NBA BIG men on Facebook:
1) Dwight Howard
2) Pau Gasol
3) Chris Bosh
4) Amare Stoudemire
5) Tim Duncan

I think I will update the list and remove Chris Bosh. His ego is getting way too BIG! Today, he rang The Opening Bell at the NYSE with After-School All-Stars President and CEO Ben Paul and National Board Member Joe Schlater. Bosh was recently appointed as a National Celebrity Ambassador for After-School All-Stars.

I think Canadian kids and adults deserve a lot more than "attitude" from Chris Bosh.

Dave Carrol said...

Without a doubt.

"It's different" is not a reason. It's just ignorant. And the sad thing is that I'm sure he's not the only one who holds this view.

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