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10 July 2010

Summer lessons on the streets... the importance of "cred"

Tonight during our Flippin' Friday free street BBQ, a couple of people actually recognized my voice and identified me as Captain Kindness while we were in the process of giving them a burger as an act of kindness. It was pretty cool actually because we were caught doing the thing that we talk about!

One of the people who recognized me was one of Brantford's finest. I was talking with this police officer about how we do this kindness thing, as motivated by Christ, to be an instigator of changing the city BY good INTO good... when he said, "Wait a minute. You're that guy!" And I am that guy... as it turns out.

Street Cred. When you do the things you say you do, and encourage others to do... people will listen to your words. They all of a sudden have more weight. All of a sudden he was really listening as I told him about our Kindness Project plans for community transformation. I told the officer about a young man I encountered earlier in the night on our kindness blitz. He knew him because the police had encountered him too... eventually tackling him to the ground with more than just cause.

This young guy was in a bad state. Alcohol for sure... drugs likely. He was disoriented and very upset that his girlfriend was "dancing" at a local establishment. Along with my team, we tried to keep him from hurting himself (or others) and get him some food & coffee and maybe a cab ride home. He began to turn aggressive AND more stumbley all at once, so I got him seated in Victoria Park and suggested he cool off while I went and got him some food.

By the time I returned, it was too late. He had done something dumb and was carted off to jail. Part of me wonders what happened tonight. Should I have stayed? Would his night have been different? Would I have been the one he attacked if I did stay? But it was clear that whatever the variables may be... God cared enough about someone on earth tonight to send a willing soul to intercept him and give him a way out. He didn't take it.

My new police officer friend and his team had to take my guy away. We both agreed that there is much that needs doing. But it felt good between us know that we both did something tonight. I knelt on the street tonight and prayed with this police officer. It was good. God used this night to do good... and bring both of our spirits closer to Him somehow.

You know, we're called to be proactive. God desires us to be used to intercept and interrupt the Devil's plans for people's destruction. It's really... truly... not that hard. Just do good... in Jesus name. People are not scary. They are just people who help a savior. Capital "S" yes... that's a given. But as the police officer and I were chatting about, Christian originally meant "Little Christ" and intentional kindness opens real doors to show that love of Christ in a practical way where WE intercept bad stuff that is going to destroy people as an agent of God... becoming what looks like a savior... only to use that to point to the one TRUE Savior.

If you've never done street ministry... you should try it sometime. I'll promise you this... you'll come away with a story to tell.


Eric said...

a story to tell... every time!

Neaner said...

Look Dave, I read your blog ;)

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