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3 August 2010

5 reasons why I haven't hit "Publish Post" on a blog post

I've written a lot of things over the years that I've never "published" here on the Big Ear Creations. Many have been deleted. Some are squirled away as drafts... and some have been used for other things. Here's some reasons why:

1. Not everything we think... we should say or do. I figured this out in life when I realized that every time I drive past a pedestrian, my mind says, "thump thump". I don't really want to run people down... but I DO think it for whatever reason. It's the same with blogs. You should always ask yourself if you SHOULD say what you've said out loud. Is it constructive? Thoughts pass... the Internet seems to be forever.

2. I can come across as a callous jerk. It's true. Some of the people who really care to know me... get me. They MIGHT laugh or gain insight. Others don't... and would likely want to skewer me for my "muse". If it's purposeful and important enough to lose friends in the real life... blog on Charlie. But not everything is life and death. And I ain't goin' out like Pa did.


3. It's boring gibberish. It's not a bad idea to ask yourself WHY you've written something once it's done, and then read it again to see if it actually makes the point you wanted it to make! It's also not a bad idea to be objective and decide if what you've hacked out is even remotely interesting. You're not writing compulsory university curriculum... people don't have to read your warbling.

4. I didn't understand my own notes. Like this one that I figured I'd come back to.


5. It's not worth the fight or it's not the RIGHT fight to have. The online world can be fun to have discussions on. It can also turn people into opinionated bullies with no accountability. I like a good fight... but I've learned the art of time and place. Don't write about other people you don't like. And if you've just written something that takes pot shots for the sake of drawing someone into a fight... hit delete. Be a grown up.

What are some reasons you've NOT shared something on a blog or even on Facebook/Twitter?

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