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26 August 2010

The Exhibition

Do you remember when things were really hummin?
Chubby Checker

Krissy and I went away to The Old Mill Inn in Toronto for a 12th anniversary night away last night as a part of my vacation/staycation week.

The plan was to crash in the deluxe room with a bag of Jalapeno Doritos and Peanut M&M's for the night, but we needed a day-in-the city destination. So we did the CNE for the first time since we were kids. It's pretty much as I remembered... just a Fall Fair for a big city. But it's also kinda cool... because it's a Fall Fair for a big city.

As we walked around what is now BMO Field where TFC plays soccer, I had a flashback. An "Inception" type seed that I intentionally planted in my memory came to life. It was about watching the Toronto Blue Jays at Exhibition Stadium... right in that place... while the summer dwindled away and the Exhibition roared as George Bell hit Home Runs.

Even at a young age, when I would be in a place I felt was significant and I wanted to last... I'd shut my eyes, clear my mind and then reopen them. I'd take a mental, permanent, picture of a time and place and make note of the sights, sounds, smells, and feeling that came with it. The Jays in the late summer at Exhibition Stadium while the Ex made the Lakeshore buzz was one of those times and places. And as I stood outside of what used to be the first base side gates... my picture came rushing back to life. I remember meeting Tony Fernandez and his family after an afternoon game at Ex once.

Good times. Childhood memories are very powerful things.


lyn said...

I have great memories of that place too Dave, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the Ex, the air show, and drinking in the glory days of the Jays! Funny, while you were remembering...we were over at Roger's Centre that evening making new memories watching the Jays beat the Yankees. There's always hope for more glory days! Happy Anniversary to you and Krissy! Blessings!

Patti said...

Love those moments. My memories are more recent, not really having been to the Big City until I was all grown up. But when we went back there to see live theatre last week (a birthday present to me), it was wonderful to walk through a downtown again that has far more going on than the eye can ever take in. I smiled the whole time.

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