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28 August 2010

Margret and John... Street Stories about how IT works

God SO loves the world.

There is a woman named Margret who spends nearly as long at our Friday Night street outreaches as we do. She rolls up in her scooter at 10pm sharp with a cackling laugh and a story to tell. OK... maybe 18 stories. OK maybe 180 stories. Margret would actually never stop talking as long as someone is there to listen.

Tonight I spent about 45 minutes straight just listening to Margret talk about her ex husbands, her priest, her meds, her dogs, someone named John Boy and and and and and...

... and all the while I was just listening to Jesus talk to me about how much He loves her. See in the light of day, I'd hazard a guess that few people give an ear to Margret's stories. She IS quite haggard and wild. But Jesus loves her. He told me so as I nodded, smiled and validated her struggles. He told me it was BECAUSE Margret is so tired and worn from trying to make it through each day while holding on to what she can comprehend of Him... that He loves her so much. Because of that, that she will be restored and given a place of honor in heaven one day.

But as for THIS day... things CAN be done to open the windows of heaven. And it's more than JUST serving a hamburger.

Another gentleman named John who is on the streets, hobbled up to our barbecue tonight. John is in bad place in life. While John was waiting for his burger on the Freedom Gate Apartment steps, a young drunk pedestrian walked up and had a very typical reaction to our offer of free street meat. He said...

"What? Why?"

We told him is was a part of our "Kindness Project" to make Brantford a better place by changing it BY good INTO good. So in his shock, he tried to give us 20$. Random Acts of Kindness only work when you don't accept money, so we suggested he find someone else to give that money to whom could use encouragement. He fought it at first (as is the norm because people are VERY unaccustomed to something for nothing... which is kinda the point) but he soon looked around and saw a need. He gave his money to John.

And in that moment... IT worked. God used the church to function in counter-cultural, life bringing spiritual principles... it's power changed someone else BY good INTO good... and THEY met the needs of someone else.

God SO loved the world that He gave His only son named Jesus to die on the cross for ALL our sins... so we could all live free. That is something that we must receive freely that someone else paid for. It changes us and fuels us to share the life that's found there with others. That's why this Kindness thing has such power behind it. A city can be changed this way.

IT works.

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