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14 September 2010

Does God have a place in the University?

That's the question we discussed last night at the launch of our new campus and young adult ministry. Brantford now has a growing and thriving campus of Wilfred Laurier University in it's downtown and Freedom House is right in the middle of it all. Just where we like to be!

The history of Laurier is a fascinating (but not necessarily unique) one when it comes to God's place in it. From Wikipedia:

In 1911 Waterloo Lutheran Seminary of Canada opened its doors to students as a non-denominational university. Waterloo was selected as the location of the seminary for two main reasons, the first being that land was offered by the citizens of Waterloo on the edge of town, and the second being that most of the Lutherans in Canada at the time resided in the Waterloo and Berlin (now known as Kitchener) area. It became Waterloo Lutheran University in
1959 and Wilfrid Laurier University in 1973.

Basically... God birthed a vision in a group of Lutherans to share his word. Their vision grew so that it would facilitate a wider scope of people's destinies. In fact it grew so much that they couldn't fund it anymore. Then 10 years ago, the vision grew again... into Brantford.

Interesting process:
  • 1) God gives people vision
  • 2) They do SOMETHING with it
  • 3) Other people get released into THEIR destiny
Or as we say at Freedom House... "Get free, live free, free others"

It's not an uncommon story when it comes to post-secondary education institutions. In the United States, 24/7 Prayer has an initiative called "Campus America" to see a 24/7 Prayer Room established in every school coast to coast.

So many provoking and inspiring things going on in there.... including the story about Harvard University's motto being about how it was created so that ministers of the Gospel would not be illiterate.

Does God have a place in the University?

Yes. Because a university is a THING that man created, as inspired by the creator God, FOR the glory of God... so that a broad scope of diverse people could be equipped to then ALSO bring glory to God.

The knowledge taught at Universities was designed to be addition onto a passionate, mature, spiritual foundation to equip for the work of the ministry. It was NOT supposed to be THE THING that lives are based on and then have a system of belief mish mashed together out of it.

So this is what the Sovereign LORD says: “See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed.
Isa 28:16

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