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14 September 2010

A Man

My eye twitches a lot lately.
Gravity is pulling my belly roll over my belt as the fat has given up the fight.
18 year old barberettes cluck over my gray hair ubiquitously amongst the hens as if I’m breaktime fodder not seen in the room.
Time has a price.

In my youth I despised my own inescapable oppressive ignorance;
fully aware that time was the only remedy.
I knew time had a price and I was willing to pay it,
Because the depth of the treasure I couldn’t touch outshone my plastic replicas.

I revel in age.
Keys appear like gold beacons when the smoke clears from the annual extinguished chocolate cake.
Keys to treasure boxes that house the ornaments and implements of Kings.
But time and treasure have a price.
A price worth paying for your turn in time to hold up the sword.

Men plot the death of dragons.
They draw maps, drink drinks, and write revelations long after the boys have fallen asleep.
Men slay dragons for the safety of women and children then lay the carcass at the foot of their lover after hard-fought battles in far away lands.
Then, exhausted from the battle, men become boys again as they look into the eyes of their lover for her affirmation and affection.

But time has a price.
Men loose limbs and sleep;
and they’d do it again,
And again,

...and again.

There were days when headaches were metaphors.
There were days when we’d fancifully dance in the moonlight without a care of tomorrow.
There were days where it was someone else’s problem.
I didn’t like those days then... and having wielded a sword on this side of age;
I have no interest in entertaining those days again.

Time has a price but it pays for the victory of a man.

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