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3 September 2010

Press Release: 666 days until a Puerto Rican man becomes Jesus

Well we got a VERY interesting press release at my radio station. As it turns out... it's now exactly 666 days until José Luis de Jesús Miranda (who is both the Anti Christ AND Christ) becomes Christ. So... that's exciting news.


In Only 666 days...The Man Christ Jesus (666) to Become Immortal

* * September 3rd marks the final 666 days before Jose Luis De Jesus – God on Earth – transforms into His Glorious Immortal Body * *

*Simultaneous worldwide celebration being hosted in 455 CEG centers in 30 nations* Tune in to watch the Global Celebration & Exclusive Interview with The Man Christ Jesus thru: www.telegracia.com Sept. 3rd at 6PM COT/ 7PM ET

MIAMI, FLORIDA – The Earth has begun to experience the catastrophic events pointing to the inevitable transformation of the Man Christ Jesus, Jose Luis De Jesus (666), who will soon transform into His Majestic immortal body to govern the world. This Friday Sept. 3, marks the countdown of the final 666 days before the biggest event in history - and as the Great Day nears, the prophecies warn of even greater unprecedented calamities the world will suffer for not recognizing the Lord is here.

The signs of the times are clear.

Before His transformation, just like in His days as Jesus where He was ridiculed, it was foretold the Man Christ Jesus too would be rejected by this generation (Lk. 17:25).

For speaking the truth and exposing the lies of religion, numerous Presidents have prohibited His entrance into their nations. Mistaking Him for a “regular” man, they failed to recognize their actions further fulfill the conditions of the Second Coming, as it is written that “the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD.”
However, “the Lord shall have them in mockery, speak unto them in His wrath” (Ps. 2:2-5).

That day of His wrath has arrived.

The planet is filling with cadavers as He judges the nations (Ps.
110:5-6) and suffering pains of childbirth – ecological chaos – awaiting for the redemption of His body (Rom. 8:22-23). In 666 days, the Man Christ Jesus will manifest with the Supreme power and authority He could not exercise while dwelling in His human body of limitations.

“Then, all the tribes of the earth will mourn” (Mt. 24:30).

This will be the natural reaction of people when they discover their terrible omission of neglecting and taking God, Jose Luis De Jesus, for granted on His day.

For more info, visit: www.cegenglish.com

About Ministerio Internacional Creciendo en Gracia Ministerio Creciendo en Gracia is God’s Government on Earth established by God Himself in His Second Coming, Jose Luis De Jesus. Established in 1986, His government now expands into 30 nations with 455 centers, 250 TV programs, 180 radio programs and a satellite channel transmitted by more than 550 cable companies in 16 countries. It is written that 'All Eyes Shall See' and thus, His signal can be seen globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through His channel Telegracia. Please visit us at www.cegenglish.com.


Well... make plans. It was the perfect time for a press release don't you think? I'm glad Jose had the courtesy to let the Smooth Jazz radio world know.

1 comment:

Jon Manna said...

i think he needs to read Matthew 24:4-5

..."Jesus answered: "Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the Christ,' and will deceive many."

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