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8 October 2010

My week of talking about city transformation

I got to speak 3 times this week (To University Students, In a ministry team training session, and on freedomhousetv.com) about the thing I've spent a decade thinking about, praying about and working towards. City Transformation BY good INTO good. I could speak about it every day and not cover it all, because it's the thing that bursts out of my spirit, mind and mouth... always. It's the dream that makes me move each day.

I suggest pouring through Ed Silvoso's Transformourworld.org. It's filled with resources, stories and encouraging stories from networks of people like us who want to see their very own street reach it's full potential.

I re-watched Ed tell his story about his hometown of Rossario. They worked hard to help facilitate the repentance of the spiritual leaders in their city and establish unity within the body of Christ. Then people dedicated their homes as “Lighthouses of Prayer” for the lost sheep in the neighborhood. The facilitated a city wide prayer meeting on the radio... and then in a day, visited every home in Rossario. Each group in their local church neighborhood.

They'd offer "favors" (which leads to favor) and would meet people's "felt needs". Then they'd ask if people were struggling from a list of things ranging from depression to sickness. The public was invited to a "Prayer Fair" where people were prayed for by the whole church in the city. It was only after people's felt needs were met, that God was brought up. Then the liberating message of Jesus was shared.

The next day, the church got together and had communion together in a brand new spiritual climate... that was VERY good.

Practically, this looks different in North America but Silvoso often reinforces that the methods and vehicles vary between each culture and location. But what unleashes power is the principles.

1. Unity
2. Prayer for everyone
3. Meeting felt needs before spiritual needs
4. Everyone is minister in their own Marketplace

Cities where the spiritual leaders of the one city Church (who God has placed there) will pursue these things... they see miraculous and very practical revivals happen in their city.

Nothing in Christendom gets me as excited as this. But it takes work, time, vision and commitment. This week I wrote on Facebook...

... because it's true. I gave my life to Jesus because I believe He wants His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in Heaven, and because my life is about serving His vision. So this is how my time is spent. Because it's where my treasure is

Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

Have a great Thanksgiving... and find SOMETHING to intentionally do, to change your city BY good INTO good over the weekend.

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