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28 October 2010

Sometimes an entire GENERATION disappears

My Great-Uncle Les died this week. He embodied what a GOOD man is. Loved his life. Loved his wife. Loved his kids. Fought for others freedom. Loved Jesus. When the Bible proclaims loudly, "Oh death where is thy sting?"it was written about men like my Uncle Les.

I loved and respected him greatly. We'd camped with them every Thanksgiving weekend since I was a kid... up until this one. Every Remembrance Day I thought of him and often called him to thank him. But it was his time. His death is a celebration. No sting. He's square dancing up a storm in heaven.

Death itself generally doesn't bother, effect or even make me feel sad to be honest. People live... people die. People who don't really know me that well (which is most of you all) can, at times think that I'm a bit of an unfeeling emotionless bulldozer. This is OK though, because I've learned that HOW I process and emotionally react to things is different than most so that's how I'm perceived. I've grown weary of being told it's wrong and sometimes it's even intrusive to other's grieving process. Because of this, I find it best to just share very little... so most of my thoughts will remain my own. BUT this time it's been a little sadder for me than death usually is.

I was greatly moved yesterday at how my Uncle's genuine love and sacrifice for his family changed their lives. His death marks the end of "The Greatest Generation" in my family. Their God, family and country first mentality was the glue that held together our functional societal social norms. And most of them are gone. Mine are.

When a GENERATION disappears, things change. It's not inherently right, wrong or indifferent. People and generations come and go. But I've watched families like mine struggle over the last couple of years to figure out what the new glue will be now that a sticky-generation has disappeared. I'm a pro-change kinda guy. But I think there are elements that have been no-brainer, societal fundamentals that are slipping away and many don't seem to know what to grasp at to put in it's place.

I'm not sad that my Uncle Les died. I'm thrilled for him. No sting. I'll miss him next Thanksgiving and on November 11th. Onward and upward. But I am a bit sad today... hoping that families like mine remember the things "The Greatest Generation" valued and figure out a way to translate the values into our modern society, because the way we did it before is quite literally gone.

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