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2 October 2010

You Googled WHAT and found me?

Real things that real people actually Googled looking for real answers... and wound up on my blog this September. Let's see if I can answer any questions you crazies have.

"mongolian sheep herder" - I have my hobbies and my reasons are my own.

"udder cup" - It's substantially easier than milking, pasteurizing, & putting it in those bags.

"gigantic fish in moses lake" - You may have gotten this story wrong.

"www.party and disco pictures for kid" - It's cute when the elderly try to use the internet.

"vasectomy cartoon" - With the voice of David Spade as the vas deferens.

"very demotivational. com i see three pigs what do you see?" - This is why it's important to read through small group material before making it Wednesday night fodder.

"were not perfect we laugh way to hard we are way too loud and we are such dorks but doing it together is what makes us best friends forever" - I've long suspected there where a ton of love-struck, Bieber-hounding teen girls reading my middle aged rantings on my blog.

"three stooges smell" - I'm going to imagine they smell like Brylcreem and tweed.

"the holy spirit speak shalalalala" - Here's a social media savvy Christian tip. I think that people should maybe think about not putting tongues speaking on the internet.

"steve miller naked" - Pass

"nipples on toast"
"jesus on toast" - Am much as I like nipples and our savior... I prefer peanut butter on toast.

"human baby pregnant without sex" - Stranger things have happened. Mmmm... actually maybe there haven't been stranger things.

"i love having a boy because he pees" - I know you're a first time parent... but girls do that too.

"christian soft drink" - I'm just glad that Christian Book Stores are finding new areas of revenue. I'll take a bag of 'Testimints' while I'm here too

"boss hog dukes of hazzard slush puppy daddy7" - I'm not sure there have been more directly applicable words ever googled about my blog. ?? ???


"madgascar monkey poo" - The wireless society at work. Someone on an Africa island steps in something unpleasent and unidentified, pulls out his iphone and a big eared dork in Canada identifies it as... yes... poo. Oh the days we live in.

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