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20 November 2010

30 seconds of your time can help change my neighborhood

Do me a "solid" and click here to help out our neighborhood school. Let me explain.

One of the reason's we've planted our family in Eagle Place in Brantford is because of it's reputation. To some, it's not the greatest reputation. Actually... the same goes for Brantford. Places that have everything bore me. I however, LOVE being a part of a good transformation story. Nationally, citywide, churches, spiritually, economically, socially, AND in neighborhoods... and that includes my kid's school too.

BY good INTO good with strategic intention. That's our deal. It's why The Carrol family does what we do.

Joey's Seafood Restaurants
is running a "Community Revival" contest where they are going to invest $25,000 into a community project. Princess Elizabeth School in Eagle Place Brantford DESPERATELY needs a playground. It's a disaster. The surrounding community which includes some CAS projects (that Captain Kindness and the Kindness Project from Freedom House has partnered with before) would greatly benefit from it too. It would change the entire feeling of the neighborhood.

This is an excellent school in an area primed for "revival". We've had people question our judgment letting our kids go to Princess Elizabeth school because of it's "rough" reputation. But the teachers are passionate people with a vision of something better for Eagle Place. I'll partner with that kind of initiative.

Here's the school's YouTube pitch. (My son Jared opens the door and talks about Alexander Graham Bell)

I've written before about my belief that "Creative Capitalism" can be INCREDIBLY effective for profitable business AND genuine community transformation. That's part of what our "Kindness Project" is about. There's nothing random about our kindness plans whatsoever.

I think you should:

  1. Go buy Seafood at Joeys and tell them that you'll be committed intentionally invest your money into business that is committed to kindness.
  2. Take 30 seconds and vote for our " Help a child reach for tomorrow" project.
  3. Share this blog post or the link for the school on Facebook or Twitter. It's a by-vote contest eh!

Dave Carrol

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