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7 December 2010

The most popular blog post ever

I think today I will write the most popular blog post ever.

As an appetizer, I'd like to reference my most read blog post ever. It was the time that I wished the Fattest Man in the World a happy honeymoon. His name is Manuel Uribe and it appears he's very popular. I have also posted the first photo that comes up on Google Images of Manuel and his lovely wife. He's eating fruit for the camera. There are more grotesque photos. But this is all about the numbers.

Next I would like to reference the top news story of the day. CNN tells me that someone named Julian Assange has been ordered to jail over the Wikileaks . In fact, let me quote CNN's breaking news.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was sent to jail Tuesday while a London court decides whether to order his extradition to Sweden.

Next I would like to say that Justin Bieber is cute. Then I'll post a pic.

I'll follow up with the phrases, Justin Bieber is a hottie. Justin Bieber is adorable. Justin Bieber is awesome. Sweet.

Now on to the most Googled things in North America. Many think that it's an easy porn, boobs, sex and girls. Not so (although it's good to cover the basics too). Restaurants, doctors, plumbers and mechanics are also very popular. Some other big ones are (believe it or not) God, christianity, church, Jesus, dating, true love, matchmaking, singles. People also like to google vitamins, nutritional supplements, Viagra, oxycodone, and vicodin.

I would now like to write a nonsensical paragraph using the top searched words from around the world so that my swell of pointless hits on this pointless blog post have an international flavor.

"Tom Cruise and Britney Spears watched The Hangover and ate a burrito together while discussing the state of Jihad and terrorism. David Beckham came in and said that he and Dolly Buster had just taken some Viagra. They were on their way to Iraq to spend some time with the Taliban and homosexuals. Kate Moss, all dopey eyed from the marijuana, suggested a car bomb might be a nice idea. 'Pft... you need botox' exclaimed Beckham. "

Next I'll embed and write out the hottest viral video at this current moment called

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus - Must See!

Now I will give you links to share this blog post with so that you will weave this blog post into your social network


Spicer said...

Yep, you've got your SEO needs covered in this blog. And unlike most actual writers that try this method for legit hits to peddle their products, this was highly entertaining. Thanks for the laughs.

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