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8 December 2010

Writing radio creative at Christmas can make you want to spend Christmas throwing up

We received this paid "Public Service Announcement" from a brand name battery company "warning" the public about the "dangers" of batteries that aren't theirs. Did you realize that they could RUIN your Christmas... and eventually life.

"Battery powered toys and games are popular holiday gifts. For safety’s sake, _______ asks you to look for the CSA certified sticker and only use name-brand batteries. Counterfeit batteries can overheat, explode, or leak dangerous fluids. Always buy toys and batteries from a trusted retailer - and have an adult install and properly secure them. A few simple precautions can help ensure the holidays are both safe and enjoyable. This festive season, power the joy of giving with _______ "

An exploding "counterfeit" battery that sears little Jimmy's face off really would ruin the magic of the holiday season. Yuck.

If Christmas wasn't about the birth of the Savior of mankind I'd bail on this thing altogether. But since it is...

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