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28 January 2011

My #3 favorite place on Earth: A Cigar plantation in the mountains of Punta Cana

For our tenth anniversary, my wife Krissy had always prayed that God would find a way to provide for a Caribbean vacation. It had be 10 years since our honeymoon and subsequently 10 years since our last real vacation together. She believed surprisingly strongly that God wanted to give us that gift. I doubted it (as I typically do).

1 of 3 things happened:

  1. Krissy heard God
  2. God heard Krissy
  3. God wanted to stick it to Dave

... likely all 3.

We had extremely generous friends bless us with a trip to the Dominican Republic. I was going a bit stir crazy in this resort as much as I was enjoying it. I wanted to get out into the cities and start asking questions about economies, churches, life... so we paid an extraordinarily large sum of money to take an excursion around Punta Cana on the day of our anniversary.

Such a beautiful place. Any other international travel I'd done was ministry focused. There was work to be done. Here... our mandate was JUST to enjoy each other and the land. That's surprisingly difficult for me. We began to ascend in our zebra-stripe painted land rover up into the mountains as "Amos the famous" our tour guide informed us we were headed to a cigar plantation.

I was very excited. I LOVE the smell of cigars. I wish it was a cologne (although Krissy vehemently disagrees with this idea). We laughed together, watched an old grizzled Dominican craftsman roll cigars, but mostly we walked together away from the group gazing out over something very very... pretty. After 10 years we were more together than we'd ever been. And it was evident that beauty was all around us.

Why is it #3?

This is why...

That's why.

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