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5 January 2011

Rows of houses

I live in a row of houses.
Humble, ordinary people lead humble ordinary lives in these houses.
Only occasionally are the dramatics of life played out loud.
Only occasionally is the security of shelter broken.

The porch posts align in a symmetrical row.
Row. On Row. On Row.
Vines and differences separate neighbors from the grail of pleasantry and synergy.
Vines that bind.

Across from my house there is a cottage.
A cottage not unlike the rest.
It has a chimney and warm brick to incubate real life.

Ordinary average people aggressively adorn their humble shelter with the trappings of men.
Season... after season... after season... after season.
Increase to a fault.
Excess that hides truth.
But at night, by the firelight, it remains a cottage where idealistic visions of pot-roasts and Christmas mornings are dreamed.

Streets are stories being told.
Stories that bore most readers because of the habitual running into caves of monotony.
Oh, how narrowly we forgo the battle-won vibrant life that all-to-easily eludes common man.
Ignorant, arrogant, oblivious, obnoxious youth rail against these houses and their sleepy inhabitants.
They are wrong.
Wrong wrong wrong.
For man needs a home with a fire and nostalgic music of the homeland to sleep to.

It's not the quests of fortune and fame that such men require to be free.
But it's freedom itself.

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