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1 January 2011

Today is JUST another day but it IS another new day!

Some say that New Years is the oldest celebration that our culture has. It's pretty big. I'll give it that. Truthfully, to me it's never scored high on my holiday calender ranking system.

It used to always seemed to lack purpose and redeeming application. I could never wrap my mind around why we should legitimize a night that's sole function seemed to be getting drunk. Even when I was a teenage boozehound, New Year's Eve turned into the one night I stayed sober intentionally... just to 'stick it to the man'.

In adulthood, I'd occasionally humor friends by showing up and sulking at their house party. I'm sure they LOVED that. Without purpose and logic set in my head, I just can't (or maybe won't) DO something mindlessly. More often than not I'd stay away from others on NYE, seeing as how my rantings of, "this is stupid you know... it's just another day" didn't win too many friends amidst the whoops and hollers.

A few years ago though, it clicked. New Years IS just another day. But in this life, ANOTHER DAY is to be celebrated and embraced! Not just on New Year's Eve... but everyday! New Years is not the only day of the year that you get a second change to make life right... every day is. Redemption and Hope are fundamental to Christianity. My job is to daily effect my culture, changing it BY good INTO good. In our culture, we throw a party on New Year's Eve. So that means I want to be right in the middle of the biggest one I can find! To be able to be a host of Brantford's New Years Eve party and be the one who led the countdown for the cheering masses was both very ironic and wonderful for me. Not neccessarily because it was New Years... but because we did something GOOD to effect and shape our culture that single day.

We started a new Brantford tradition (again) of coming together in our most public and communal area to believe the best for our city. When that many people believe something in unity, it's powerful. It incorporated multiple facets of the community like business, church (I got to pray a New Years blessing over the city), politics (all 3 levels representing different parties), entertainment, volunteerism and more.

It was yet another example of the changed atmosphere in Brantford. Even moreso... it was another example of potential for more change that exists. Dream it, do it... and it happens.

So Happy New Year friends. Today is another day that we are called to do something great to change our culture BY good INTO good. Make sure today is as successful and significant as yesterday.

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