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5 February 2011

The Character of Sam

The character of Sam is a deep one.
Deeper than most know.
Fart jokes are funny... but there are leagues of depth behind the wind.

The character of Sam is a character who’s lived hope’s story.
Hope that “different is OK” was fleeting as lunch projectiles flew from the back of the bus.
“Different is different” seemed the more present reality,
And the foreseeable likelihood for the future too.
“There must be more” thought the character of Sam.

The character of Sam KNEW this was not what Sam was destined for.
Mustering up hope...the character of Sam found a team.
A team of puppeteers and roaming musicians who dressed publicly as vegetables and spoke in strange unintelligible ancient tongues that few could interpret.
They handed him a guitar and the character of Sam was home.

The character of Sam found freedom with these people.
Freedom to speak.
Freedom to feel in the public square.
Freedom to unearth real life.
Hope embers were stoked... and this was a good thing... because the character of Sam needed it’s warmth as nights were often cold.

The character of Sam could sense the stirrings of “greater purpose” along with his team.
Then one found destiny’s path winding down Northern roads.
Then another took a wife.
And another broke faith altogether.
The team was no more and the character of Sam stood alone...
… charged with the weight of destiny on his shoulders.
Both fortunately and not, the character of Sam’s shoulders where broad.
Like Atlas, he held up the world on them.

The character of Sam worked... and WAS WORKED by the Brawny Beattie Bear and the Big Eared Kid to build the big blue house.
The character of Sam was refined by fire,
By force,
And by friendship.
The character of Sam allowed himself to be cast in new roles as a prophet and a stalwart leader of men.
The character of Sam was molded and shaped until he became well-rounded.
But at night... an ache of loneliness came over the character of Sam.

The character of Sam suspected a few reasons why.
He suspected it might be the trade the Mohawks taught him that never seemed to work just right.
He suspected it might be the solitude he experienced while others went forth, were fruitful and multiplied.
He even suspected, in the darkest times, that the destiny he held in such esteem may have turned on him like a vixen.
Those were the longest nights.
But hope’s light continued to flicker.
It’s warmth, however faint, drew him onward another day.
For the character of Sam knew that man is neither wholly lost nor wholly saved.
Or so they said.

Then one day... The Character of Sam began write himself into a new story.
A whole new “once upon a time”.
He changed some context, some setting, some characters, some plot lines... and the well-rounded character of Sam became a little less round physically... but rounder spiritually.
He did it... for King and country.
Not for a damsel in distress.
Not for the Beattie Bear or the Big Eared Kid.
Not for the anything else... but being a righteous steward of the King’s property
For THIS is the character of Sam.

While scoffers mocked them as lore, primal Kingdom utterances that the character of Sam held as true like “obedience is success” … manifested themselves.
The long sought after fair maiden flocked to the arm of the character of Sam... unable to shake the golden depth of his soul from her spirit.

They wed.
The Kingdom rejoiced.

Many years have past since those days.
The character of Sam, fueled and empowered by a heavenly energy source, had many adventures far and wide.
As an old man, The character of Sam, pipe in hand, gathered his many children to tell them of these treasured trials and hardships that seemed rather glossy in the light of destiny and history.

The character of Sam could be heard saying, “Children, There are many beautiful things that we see, find, discover or even stumble upon on this earth. And many things that... aren’t so beautiful too. We can never make the mistake of holding too tightly to any of them and catch ourselves believing them to be THE END. For it’s never the end. They are all merely signposts... that point beyond... to God.

For this is the character of Sam.


Written by Dave Carrol... for Sam Vos on his wedding day
Oh and I also did this

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