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10 March 2011

Date Night Recipes

I cook about... oh... once a year. In fact, my legendary culinary laziness has appalled many maternal female onlookers while birthing ideas of edible shortcuts in sympathetically male spirits. My piece de resistance is the Peanut Butter Burrito. It's recipe is SUPER EASY guys.

  1. Get out a wrap
  2. Put as much peanut butter as possible on it
  3. Lick knife
  4. Roll
  5. Eat

You can eat this 2 or 3 times a day.

I don't HATE cooking... but I don't LIKE it either. I'm not a detail oriented person (can you hear the uncontrollable laughter and "uhhh... ya think" coming from the peanut gallery?) and I'm not around during food prep hours so I just DON'T cook. The 2 minutes of difference it takes between putting paprika on pork and not... I choose not. I could read a story in the newspaper during those minutes!

But once in a while on Date Night, I'll spend the day pouring through the millions of recipes online to try to find something a bit different that I'll cook for our "after the kids go to bed" date night dinner. As a non-cook I have to ask why would anyone ever ever EVER buy a cookbook anymore with the shear number of of bloody recipes online??? Not enough choice for you about ways to boil noodles???

I look for a couple things...

  • Idiotically Easy: I have to be able to actually DO this thing. Truth be told, usually Krissy just feel such pity on me and appreciates my efforts that she helps because she DOES want to actually enjoy the meal and knows I won't actually measure things.
  • Hot n' Spicy: Not all my date night creations are, but we're still mentoring our kids to love hot things. They're coming along but the truly fiery items don't come out until later.
  • Feta Cheese: The finest of the stinky cheeses
  • Steak or Shrimp: And steak is more of a Sunday Night Special so it's more often shrimp... the romantic crustacean.
  • Ghanaian: Cus... we were there.

So here's something I never thought I'd do on Big Ear Creations. Share recipes. I'll punch myself later OK? I'll share one and you share one that might fall into one of those categories because tonight is date night... and I need a recipe.

Grilled Marinated Shrimp Skewers - Meat on a stick. Simple. The way Ron Swanson would have it. It's actually a very flavorful recipe that, when you load it full of hot sauce, packs a great punch too.

Now... what's your idea?
Help a brotha out.

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