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2 March 2011

You Googled WHAT and found me?

Blogs can be great things. They can engage a wide range of interesting people on a wide range of interesting topics. It's also great a destination for basement-dwelling weirdos who search for the most bizarre things you can think of. Here's the funniest things Googled this February that wound up on Big Ear Creations. Hopefully I can answer some of your queries today.

What are those glasses with big nose for making jokes?

- They are called... get this... follow me now... "Joke Glasses".

What people with guts do?

- Have a fully functioning internal organ system and continue being alive.

That's what you were asking right?

What was the whole story of Lost?

- Charlie from Party of Five saves the world

saddam cutting off ears and/or tongues

- I don't have any first hand knowledge and/or photographs of that. My apologies. BUT I still pitch the good folks at Doritos my "Name that Nacho" idea every few months.

Fingers Crossed.

pictures of old women doing stupid things

- Like "Punking" each other? Lighting bags of flaming poo on door steps? Blue Angels in the garage?

pizza covering groin

- Weird. It's kinda like that Seinfeld episode where Costanza eats meat sticks during sex.

mike foligno poem

There once was a man name Mike
Other's helmets were quite quite unlike
When he scored him a goal
He jumped over a pole
To loosen his quads he'd then ride the bike.

It's only a first draft.

mormons moving west

- Loading up the covered wagons are they? Hope they realize that t
here is very little undiscovered land left to poligamize between Utah and the Pacific.

movie "airplane" "what's a" "it's a" "but that's not important right now"

- This was Googled by that guy who botches every joke he's ever told and has to repeatedly start over with a, "wait... no... it goes like this... The HORSE walks into the bar and Raquel Welch is sitting with the Pope... no wait... it's the POPE who walks in the bar..."

mr. t approved blog

- Foo

here's your moose meat t shirt

- I had moose sausage once and to this day I wish it came with a t-shirt featuring an animated ground-up moose. You could call him "Minced Moose"

fhtv porno

- I hope they meant to search "promo". I hope. Dear Jesus do I ever hope.

crazy googler that sends out awkward pics

- I've always found this to be a fairly awkward picture of myself.

Want a copy?

big ol' jesus age

- Boomhauer searches for spiritual answers

a picture of a head cut out of a fake person doing the boogie

- Yep... these are my readers

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