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3 May 2011

"To the courts!"

"To the courts!" he called with an anxious, powerful burst. "To the courts!"

He moved like a missional wildebeest, running freely across the plains. As he flew past the curious crowds, they FELT the repeated "To the courts!" resonate in their bones. They asked each other what that was... although all knew full well. It was clear that they were witnessing a chase of critical consequence, but no one could see a pursuer. They somehow knew that he WAS the pursuer of an invisible, but Holy carrot. It stirred the crowd into inquisitive motion, straggling at a safe pace behind the increasingly urgent cries of "To the courts!".

"Open the gates!" he bursted foolishly on a dead run before even the most attuned gatekeeper's ear could possibly hear. "Open the gates!"

The crowds, watching a safe distance, mumbled and snickered to themselves. But it didn't stop their inquiring minds from drawing their bodies onward. "Open the gates!" he hollered. "Open the gates!" he repeated without slowing even though he drew dangerously close to the wall. Suddenly the onomatopoeic clank of the iron chains were faith-cued. The gates opened without breaking stride. If anything, he was moving faster as he passed through the gates. The fascinated crowds peered carefully around the walls.

"To the courts!" he heaved sloppily in broken breath. The air was sweet and harmonious. "To the courts!"

In the courts... The Ghost awaited with open arms. His smile was warm & teasing... knowing & eminent. He collapsed in relief on the floor of the courts... and it was good. The crowds came in too. They saw that it was good and lay prostrate as well. Their hunch was right. It WAS good.

A thousand days past. None could tell.

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