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17 June 2011

From Hmm to Mmm : Using Social Media to communicate a big idea

I had the privilege of speaking at Tweetstock 5 last night and it was doubly cool because it was hosted at Freedom House this time! The theme of the night was "The Art of Community".

I only had 6 and a half minutes to talk about how social media can communicate a big idea and help build a community so that was a challenge (one that I failed... going over 10). But I narrowed it down to a few major points.

I realized that over the last couple of weeks, in all the things I've posted online, my 2 most responded to comments had one thing in common. Balls. Yeah. Balls balls. Or in Spanish, "los testículos"


Inspiring eh? My grandiose, flowery sweeping insight seemed to go unnoticed while... ball jokes hit big. Seems like an argument AGAINST social media. But the reality is that I've seen again and again that people ARE seeing what I'm sharing and responding to it. So what's the connection?

The reality is that people make jokes about balls. Real people. People who have big ideas like me often forget that "macro ideas by themselves... often stand alone". Letting others into your own personal story puts a human set of Micro clothes on your macro ideas making them both understandable, acceptable and influential to others. It's how Jesus did it! He had the greatest CONCEPT ever to communicate, and he did it using analogies about fishing & seeds along with a FABULOUS life story that he let EVERYONE into.

The Yiddish have a wonderful word... "FARGINEN". It means “to open space, to share with others”. This is what being honest and open with our real lives and using it to tell the full and flawed story our our big ideas, passions and concepts is. It's Farginen. It invites people into a story. YOUR story.

My dream is to see a city transformed BY good INTO good and it's going to be our collective stories coming together that is going to see it happen. Open up your real life to others. Create the wide open space for them to let your ideas go from a passive "Hmm" to an active "Mmm" and let kindness breed kindness :)

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