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10 June 2011

I'm about to wear high heels and make up!

A couple of days ago I was asked to be a part of an EXCELLENT initiative in our community. It's a fund raiser for Nova Vita, an organization in Brantford that is working to stop the cycle of domestic abuse. One of the units at Freedom House's low rental housing unit Freedom Gate is actually designated for Nova Vita.

On June 18th, along with other men in Brantford, I'll be walking around the downtown in high heels. I threw out the challenge online that if I raised 200$ I'd let my daughters make up my face (they are very excited) and if I raised 250$ I'll finish the ensemble with a lovely dress.

Well I'm now at 209.81$ thanks to the generosity of my friends (Lots of Freedom House people too) and then tonight, the youth group at Freedom House raised 74.81$ in one night. Teens! Why? Because one of the youth sent out this email:

Hey everyone have you seen Dave's status today? Well go look.....he is going to be in the men in heels to support women in nova vita to take a stand against domestic violence. He is wanting to raise more than $100?... Depending on how much he raises he will even do his makeup! Let's support him! Bring in as much loose change as you having lying around....bring it with you tomorrow at youth.

Help support him!
I'll expect you all to be at youth tomorrow and be sure to bring the monnneyyyy!

I couldn't be prouder of these guys. I've had the privilege of helping lead these guys for years and to see them care enough about people to back their faith with their action makes me a happy Dave tonight.

Please let me know if you'd like to contribute to help stop domestic violence. Either let me know personally and get the money to me by next weekend if you know me personally... or you can give online here (but write my name in the supplied box and email me dave@freedomhouse.ca to let me know you did and how much so I can track the totals!)

Only another 20 bucks and I'm in a dress AND makeup AND heels!

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