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21 June 2011

Then the book came life, he moved into the neighborhood ... and started hosting Barbecues!

"The Word became flesh and blood,and moved into the neighborhood. We saw the glory with our own eyes,the one-of-a-kind glory. Generous inside and out. True from start to finish."
John 1:14

This is a marvelous thing and it's THE biggest difference between the God that I know and the perception of this God that I know many have.

We had a gentleman who lives on the street come to Freedom House this past Sunday. He came up to Brian at the end of the service bearing gifts. A loaf of garlic bread and a home theater sound system in a shredded plastic grocery bag. Sometimes it's best not to ask questions :)

He burst into tears as he expressed his thanks to "us" for giving him a hamburger 2 summers ago on the street. He then played catch out in the mall with my kids for about half an hour. What was going on there that 2 years after a street Q, he'd react like that. I believe it was a demonstration of the absolute power and impact that a "cup of cold water" given in Jesus name has whether man GETS it or not. At the end of the day he walked back into the church to say goodbye to "the big guy" because he lives "a long way away". This was not the time to talk theology but he was experiencing the results of what he wasn't comprehending.

Some 3 thousand years ago, God had men write about him and his character. Jesus came to town and wreaked havoc on the small minded way we thought about a distant God. Then... like an AMAZING movie, this book came to life as a real person. This person moved into the neighborhood and started having people over for dinner. It was an INCARNATION of GOOD.

Incarnation literally means "embodied in flesh or taking on flesh". Our role is go into the world that God loved so much and LIVE out good in Jesus name. It brings grown men to tears. It confounds the sharpest arguments. It very literally changes cities BY good INTO good. And truth be told... I don't get exactly how it happens but I'm always humbled to be a participant in it.

Tonight, try to wrap your mind around the fact that Jesus moved into your neighborhood. Let that sink into your heart. Then try to wrap your mind around the fact that now... he's left you there to look like Him with skin on to host the barbecue. If that sinks into our being and we act on it... cities will change.

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Anonymous said...

Well spoken Dave! I really enjoy your blog. It is probably very time consuming & just hard work...but pls keep it up - it's always an encouragement or a good word of action. Thanks!

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