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13 July 2011

How to fail at UNITY as a Christian

From "The Naked Pastor":

My friend Daria from 24/7 Prayer Canada has been driving across Canada, stopping in the pockets where we've connected with groups committed to praying for our nation and it's cities. Every leader she meets, she asks "How can we pray for your city?" Nearly EVERY person includes "Unity" in their top 3 needs.

About 10 years ago when we started down the road to actively be an instigator of city unity, we learned that we'd need to go ahead and make a bridge so others could come too. But we also learned to be a bridge, you have to expect to be walked on and used for others benefit.

I hope The Church steps up and acts as that bridge... someone has to for us all to get there. Who better than those charged to represent the incarnation of the word LOVE.

1 comment:

Jay Smale said...

Creating bridges sounds like a great way to allow others to cross and unite with the vision for this city! :)

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