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1 July 2011

The League of Super Kindness

UPDATE: July 21, we'll be performing this show on the Harmony Square stage 8-9pm before the movie in the square

Today is Canada Day and I celebrated it again today the way I've done it for 4 years now... dressed in a cape, a leotard and a giant black underpant as Captain Kindness. Today we preformed another piece of original theater that we conceived, wrote, and had produced by the pros at I Am Studios. And I believe it was an important conceptual step in how a city can be changed BY good INTO good.

You can listen to the whole show here (but we'll be preforming it live again this summer if you missed it)

Up until now, our storyline has featured one superhero (well... two with Kid kindness) on a kindness crusade of sorts, spurring individuals to think about how they can change their city BY good INTO good. But just as a concept often needs flesh on it to be ingested by the public, we decided that in order to further break it down, the details needed faces too. Super faces. So we invented 3 new superheros.

The first is "Philanthro". He starts off as Dr. Phil Anthropy who is confronted about his stingy attitude toward his money. He becomes a super-philanthropreneur who uses resources & business savvy to change the city. This is vital to the prosperity of a city. Everyday philanthropreneurs, businesses and well-off professionals need to rise up and invest in their community as the citizens of the city commit to spending their money with those committed to generosity.

The second is "Infinity". She starts off as the inward focused "Tyme Daily" who believes that her time belongs to HER. She learns that she can change the lives of real people by spending her time as a currency on OTHERS, putting herself second. We MUST change our mindsets that we ourselves are of paramount importance and our time belongs to US. It leads to nothing but misery (ironically for ourselves) but also leads to many easily meetable-needs being unmet. A city doesn't prosper if only YOU prosper.

The third is "Guynormous". Guy is an ordinary guy with an ordinary tool in his hand. A broom, a mop, a shovel... whatever. He steps in to help with a bullying situation and grows both mentally and physically into a hero because he learns the lesson that we all have a part to play. We all can use whatever we have in our hands or our talents/gifts to make legitimate change.


Allowing our hearts to be changed enough to move into kind action with these 3 things will take The Kindness Project's goal of strategically transforming a city to a whole new place. It's more than a one man crusade via a cape and a crazy voice. It's just a moving picture to get us thinking. This is all designed to awaken our insides to BELIEVE that a better city is our own inspired action away.

UPDATE: July 21, we'll be performing this show on the Harmony Square stage 8-9pm before the movie in the square

(Oh yeah... we even turned it into a comic book. Check it out!)

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