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10 September 2011

Meet Tim Hudak

I was just watching the Jays game recovering from a night serving on the streets and I saw my first real "meet Tim Hudak" commercial. There are 3 of them and they are very very well done ads. I think I like Tim and hope to meet him someday. I will be voting for him and Michael St Amant locally.

You know what I love about Canada, Ontario and Brantford? Everyone who runs for every party are GOOD men and women. Locally, Liberal Dave Levac has served our city passionately for years. He's a kind, hard working, exemplary man and I'm honored to have such a good relationship with him. Michael St Amant is a good man with a passion to serve. As is Brian Van Tilborg. As is Tim Hudak. As is Dalton McGuinty. As is Andrea Horvath.

And whoever wins... it is my job and COMMITMENT to honor, pray for, encourage, build up instead of tear down, serve and do everything in my power to make them successful at their job as leader.

We should never forget to thank God during election seasons for making "Our land glorious and free" and filling it with such good free... good... people who care enough to stick their neck out and speak what they believe systematically. There is a not a callous dictator or a single person that could ever NEAR the word "scary" that has been on a ballot in my voting lifetime.

God bless the nation of Canada.

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