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19 September 2011

My 3 reasons why "Back to Church Sunday" is important

We're calling this Sunday at Freedom House ... Back to Church Sunday. We're taking one week specifically to create an "easy in" for those who have been MEANING to try church again AND using it as a challenge to think through who WE'VE been meaning to invite to church... and actually do it

There are many reasons I believe in The Church. But a few of the most recent simple ones that have been pulsating through my head are:

1) God LOVES it when people get together in His name to collectively get closer to Him. There are many shapes and sizes... but faith in God was never meant to be a solo flight.

2) Just as Pascal identified the "God shaped hole" that we all have inside us... I believe that cities have a "Church shaped hole." There are issues that don't seem to be able to be solved because it's the job of The Church. When The Church is full, active, healthy and mobilized... it becomes an influential force for good unlike any other in a city.

3) Jesus needs new PR. We all need to remember that none of us are perfect and we're all in this together.

Questions about what it might be like? Check out this video.

This Sunday at Freedom House is our "Back to Church Sunday". There is nothing special about it. It's just an excuse to remind ourselves that all it takes to re-engage with God is to say YES. I'd love to see you Sunday morning at 10:45 in the Market Square Mall. Take a chance by showing up and bringing a friend.

What are your 3 reasons why "Back to Church Sunday" is important?

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