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3 November 2011

The Kindness Project ... in the House of Commons

I have to admit. It was a pretty cool day, hearing our MP Phil McColeman tell the story of Freedom House what has been going on in Brantford with the kindness movement in the House of Commons in Ottawa. We even got some a few "here here's"!

Mr. Speaker, eight years ago, Freedom House, a church and ministry centre in Brantford, began a mission called "The Kindness Project" to see if a city could be transformed by good into good by using simple but strategic acts of kindness.

In these eight years, among other things, roughly 20,000 hamburgers have been given away; a free winter carnival, Frosty Fest, is hosted; a school curriculum is in the works; affordable housing has been provided for those in need; and a local superhero, Captain Kindness, has emerged and taken control of the city. This Friday, November 4, will be the second annual Random Act of Kindness Day in Brantford.

The Kindness Project seeks to uncover the untapped level of synergy in the community as a collective commitment to serving each other. It is people helping people with what we all have in our hands to give.

We hope, together, to make Brantford known as the kindest city in Canada.

Yep... that's the goal. The Kindness city in Canada through a holistic revival. Where all the part of the community begin to prosper together mutual service of each other. Pretty cool day.

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